Components for bulk materials and bulk materials bundles
Lump breaker •  Solid matter slide •  Shredder •  Bag elevators (ascending conveyors)
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Lump breaker

(one-shaft or two-shaft designs up to approx. 8mm)

Lump Breaker


  • Belt conveyors for bags and granulates

  • Bag elevators (ascending conveyors)

  • Pallet lifting and tilting device for manual depalletizing

  • Roller conveyers and chain for bags and pallets

  • Dedusting filter in pocket and cartridge design

  • Loading head filter (integrated into the filling section)

  • Dosing and discharging screw chutes

  • Dosing and discharging screw conveyors

  • Vibrating screen devices

  • Solid matter slide

  • Lump breaker

  • Milling devices for bags and big bags

  • Vibrating tables (for the big-bag filling stations)

  • Suction apparatus to empty inliners of big bags and oktabins

  • Shredder for packaging waste

  • Controls


... with pushing fork for packaging waste (such as empty bags, cardboard boxes, foils and big bags


Solid matter slide

... gas-tight on one side.

Solid matter slide

Bag elevators (ascending conveyors)

... in front of a fully automatic bag emptying machine.

Bag elevators, ascending conveyors
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