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Ex Explosionproof units, equipment and installations in compliance with the Directive 94/9/EG (ATEX) for explosive atmospheres of dust and gas.
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... handling systems for bulk solids in sales packages or transport receptacles according to economical and ecological aspects.
  Sacks Big Bags Barrels Containers Pallets
Sacks Emptying Big Bags Emptying Barrels Emptying Container Emptying  
  Big Bags Filling Barrels Filling Container Filling  
Sacks Conveying       Pallets Conveying
Sacks Stacking / Depalletizing       Pallets Stacking / Depalletizing
Sacks Compacting Big Bags Compacting      
Borgner Bulktechnology Borgner Bulktechnology
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Borgner BulktechnologyBorgner Bulktechnology
Borgner & Partner, Handling Systems for Bulk Solids Bag Handling, Sack Emptying Big Bag Emptying Systems Automatic Bag Depalletizing and Separating Installation
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Borgner Handling-, Emptying- and Transfuse Systems for Bulk Solids